Justine and Geoffrey – Flag Hill Winery – NH Summer Wedding

When Justine and Geoffrey got married, they couldn’t have picked a better day. The weather was perfect and their ceremony and reception were fun and laid back. We enjoyed documenting their relationship, including a Back Street Boys song sung by Geoff and his friends during the reception for Justine. To top things off, Justine and her dad took the dancefloor for the Father-Daughter dance and it was… EPIC!

Mike and I wish you every happiness, both now and in the years to come. XXOO – Becca & Mike.

A special thanks to the vendors that made their day a success:

Justine & Geoffrey001

Justine & Geoffrey002

Justine & Geoffrey003

Justine & Geoffrey004

Justine & Geoffrey005

Justine & Geoffrey006

Justine & Geoffrey007

Justine & Geoffrey008

Justine & Geoffrey009

Justine & Geoffrey010

Justine & Geoffrey011

Justine & Geoffrey012

Justine & Geoffrey013

Justine & Geoffrey014

Justine and her Dad’s dance was amazing!

Justine & Geoffrey015

Justine & Geoffrey016

Justine & Geoffrey017

The “Back Street Boys”, a la Geoff and his friends, serenade the new bride!

Justine & Geoffrey018

Justine & Geoffrey019

Justine & Geoffrey020

Justine & Geoffrey021