Kerri and Kyle – Summer NH Wedding – The Granite Rose

Kerri and Kyle grew up down the street from each other but were a few years apart in school. They ended up meeting again at a house party, years later, and the rest is history. Check out their first look photos, taken at Kerri’s parents’ house. Kyle had a beautiful bouquet of a dozen pink roses waiting for her, he had given her a rose a month starting with 1 and building to a dozen on the wedding day  – such a thoughtful touch.

Mike and I wish you every happiness, both now and in the years to come. XXOO – Becca & Mike.

A special thanks to the vendors that made their day a success:

Kerri & Kyle001

Kerri & Kyle002

Kerri & Kyle003

Kerri & Kyle004

Kerri & Kyle005


I love this image of Kerri and her Dad!

Kerri & Kyle006

Kerri & Kyle007

Kerri & Kyle008

Kerri & Kyle009

Kerri & Kyle010

Kerri & Kyle011

Kerri & Kyle012

Kerri & Kyle013

Kerri & Kyle014

Kerri & Kyle015

Kerri & Kyle016

Kerri & Kyle017

Kerri & Kyle018

Kerri & Kyle019

Kerri & Kyle020

Kerri & Kyle021

Kerri & Kyle022

Kerri & Kyle023


This was a first … I was the sole female in the limo with the groomsmen on the way to the reception.  Quite the experience 🙂

Kerri & Kyle024

Kerri & Kyle025

Kerri & Kyle026

Kerri & Kyle027