Amanda + DJ – Massachusetts Spring Wedding – Barn at Gibbet Hill


What a way to kick off the 2015 wedding season!  I have been so excited for Amanda and DJ’s wedding since I did their engagement session last year.

To say it was windy the day of their wedding would be an understatement.  Mike and I almost got blown over bringing our gear into the barn!  Thankfully, The Barn at Gibbet Hill is beautiful inside and out and has a great enclosed deck so we were able to get some amazing photos without getting blown away.  The gorgeous pale pink dresses Amanda chose for her bridesmaids looked amazing against the red of the barn outside, so despite the wind, it all worked out perfectly.  Take that Mother Nature 🙂  AND once the wind slowed down a little, we were able to sneak out for a few photos to also capture some of the Barns amazing property.

I am so thankful to have been part of such an amazing, special day.  Thank you both for including us!


Thank you to the following vendors for also making the day so wonderful!

Venue : The Barn at Gibbet Hill, Groton Mass
DJ : Nu Image Entertainment
Bakery: Konditor Meister
Videographer: Tom Kochem

Barn_at_Gibbet_Hill_wedding_Teggart_Callaghan001 Barn_at_Gibbet_Hill_wedding_Teggart_Callaghan002 Barn_at_Gibbet_Hill_wedding_Teggart_Callaghan003 Barn_at_Gibbet_Hill_wedding_Teggart_Callaghan004 Barn_at_Gibbet_Hill_wedding_Teggart_Callaghan005 Barn_at_Gibbet_Hill_wedding_Teggart_Callaghan006 Barn_at_Gibbet_Hill_wedding_Teggart_Callaghan007 Barn_at_Gibbet_Hill_wedding_Teggart_Callaghan008 Barn_at_Gibbet_Hill_wedding_Teggart_Callaghan009

Barn_at_Gibbet_Hill_wedding_Teggart_Callaghan010 Barn_at_Gibbet_Hill_wedding_Teggart_Callaghan011 Barn_at_Gibbet_Hill_wedding_Teggart_Callaghan012 Barn_at_Gibbet_Hill_wedding_Teggart_Callaghan013 Barn_at_Gibbet_Hill_wedding_Teggart_Callaghan014 Barn_at_Gibbet_Hill_wedding_Teggart_Callaghan015 Barn_at_Gibbet_Hill_wedding_Teggart_Callaghan016 Barn_at_Gibbet_Hill_wedding_Teggart_Callaghan017 Barn_at_Gibbet_Hill_wedding_Teggart_Callaghan018 Barn_at_Gibbet_Hill_wedding_Teggart_Callaghan019 Barn_at_Gibbet_Hill_wedding_Teggart_Callaghan020 Barn_at_Gibbet_Hill_wedding_Teggart_Callaghan021 Barn_at_Gibbet_Hill_wedding_Teggart_Callaghan022