Big News!

I am very excited to share some new things happening in the Garone world!  This pandemic has given me time to pause, reflect, to think about the future and the role I can play on a larger level. That, coupled with the state of society now, has sparked something in me to want to be part of change. So, I am doing something about it!  I have been accepted for my Masters in Public Health concentrating in Global Health at Southern New Hampshire University and I couldn’t be more excited!   I have always been drawn to the work of social documentary photographers like Lewis Hine, Jacob Riis and Dorothea Lang.   Through photography they were able to raise awareness and effect change in our society.   You could say this new chapter is rooted in an aspiration to incorporate photography with public health and, in doing so, be a part of the change that so desperately needs to happen in our world.  My senior essay in college … 20 years ago ? … was called “Photojournalism and Social Reform.”  The importance of photography as a tool for awareness and change has always been a deep belief and passion of mine and I feel a calling that I need to follow. 
A very VERY important takeaway for you in all of this is that Garone Photography isn’t going anywhere! We are still fully open and functioning business as usual …well business as Covid-19 usual.  I am viewing this next step as a way to enhance my passion for photography and to find ways to connect it to a greater cause. Taking real, authentic photos is something that has always driven me in my business and my hope is to learn, on a greater scale, how I can use my photos to help change the world. That might sound like a lofty goal, but I know I can play a part. The ultimate goal, people who see my photos will be moved to the point where they too want to be part of the change. 
Thank you for going on this journey with me and I can’t wait to share updates and learnings from my classes with you all!  (and of course, I will still be sharing photos of my beautiful clients?)