Haley and Greg – Zorvino Vineyards – NH Summer Wedding

Five ring bearers and two flower girls were on hand to assist with the wedding of Haley and Greg held this summer in New Hampshire.  One of the ring bearers has a crush on Haley, check out his sign proclaiming, “Dang It, You Got Her First”.  Too cute!

They were married at Zorvino Vineyards, allowing for a special first look moment among the grape vines.  The expression on Greg’s face as he first saw Haley was only rivaled by the expression on Haley’s father as he greeted her for the ceremony.  The joy reflected in their faces was an honor to capture.

Mike and I wish you every happiness, both now and in the years to come. XXOO – Becca & Mike.

A special thanks to the vendors that made their day a success:

Haley & Greg001

Haley & Greg002

Haley & Greg003

Haley & Greg004

Haley & Greg005

Haley & Greg006

Haley & Greg007

Haley & Greg008

Haley & Greg009

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