Jeri and Sean - Moffatt Ladd Garden - NH Summer Wedding

Don’t you just love hearing how a couple got together? We certainly do and admired Sean’s patience in wooing Jeri.  They met at a Residence Inn in Portsmouth where Jeri worked and Sean was staying for an extended period of time.  Sean asked her out several times before she agreed, as she was otherwise committed.  As they sometimes do, things worked out and a month later she agreed to one date.  Fast forward and we were honored to be at their elegant wedding at the Moffatt Ladd Garden, capturing all of the special moments of their day.

We wish you much love and laughter together – XXOO, Becca & Mike.

A special thanks to the vendors that made their day a success:

Jeri & Sean001

Jeri & Sean002

Jeri & Sean003

Jeri & Sean004

Jeri & Sean005

Jeri & Sean006

Jeri & Sean007

Jeri & Sean008

Jeri & Sean009

Jeri & Sean010


We got photo bombed!

Jeri & Sean011

Jeri & Sean012

Jeri & Sean013

Jeri & Sean014

Jeri & Sean015

Jeri & Sean016

Jeri & Sean017

Jeri & Sean018

Jeri & Sean019

Jeri & Sean020

Jeri & Sean021

Jeri & Sean022

Jeri & Sean023

Jeri & Sean024

Jeri & Sean025